Gérard, is originally from the port of Sète, a lively Mediterranean town in the south of France.


Gerard’s many avenues of study in the art world have allowed him to develop a repertoire of artistic forms including commission paintings, murals and “trompe l’œil”, traditional decorative finishes, and restoration of antiques and gilding.


An award winning artist, Gérard’s work adorns many of Brisbane’s social and leisure precincts.  


His creative murals have also contributed to the holistic approach of healing adopted by the Mater Children’s Hospital, Brisbane, and Saint Andrew’s Hospital, Ipswich.


Gérard’s art has brought prestige and elegance to many private residences throughout Brisbane, including homes of historical importance.



Graphic Design

We do not just provide graphic art, but graphic art with artistic flair, so that you have a result that is truly artistic, and a product that is different, trendy and relevant in our current commercial climate.

Our Graphic Art Services:
Logo design
Book covers
Website design

Our services provide highly customised solutions to your private, professional and business needs.

Book illustration

Through dedicated consultation I work with you to create unique art for your specific needs, so providing you with a result that is polished and professional.

I have been commissioned for illustration by government services, the building/construction industry and freelance authors.

Commission Painting

Paintings may be oil/acrylic on canvas or oil/acrylic on board.

Only the best quality products are used to ensure the highest quality result.

If there is a specific painting you would like, I would be pleased to give you a quote, free of charge. Please provide me with as much information as possible about the painting you would like. For example, send me a digital image of your idea for your painting, or whatever you wish for your painting, be it a photo from a recent trip, or a postcard or a photo of your pet. I can put your memories on canvas for you.


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