Exterior gilding

24 karat gold on Exterior Finial Exterior heritage finial gilded in 24 karat for customer home I was approached recently by a client to decorate a finial on his roof top.  I gilded the entire finial in 24 karat gold and installed it. Another very satisfied customer! The finial in place to shine

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Where I come from

My Journey as an Artist.My journey as an artist began, as with so many children, with a love of drawing. In fact, all kinds of manual and construction activities attracted me as a child. My parents, recognizing my natural artistic flair, sent me to a fine arts school for several years until I was about seventeen. The experience was pure joy. I loved it all, and I remember especially the smells of the art studio, a mixture of paint, clay and turpentine.This pathway, however, was sadly not to continue, as I then entered the French Airforce. Yes, I am French, born on the Mediterranean Coast of France in the fishing town of Sѐte. I suppose being French kind of goes hand in hand with being…

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