About Commissions

Commissioning a painting for yourself or someone dear to you carries a lot of emotion, as it takes you back in time to a special moment, a place or event, a person or perhaps a pet …  the painting visually represents something heartfelt, and each time you look at it, you remember that special time.

Are you wanting a unique, custom painting?

An art piece that is meaningful, personal and created just for you?

  • Imagine choosing a special landscape, a place that holds meaningful memories, and having it recreated on canvas to place in your home.
  • Imagine choosing a beautiful seascape that you photographed during an overseas trip, and seeing it transformed into a painting to hang in your lounge.
  • Imagine creating the subject of a still life with objects of special or sentimental value, and having them turned into your own work of art.
  • Imagine choosing a photo of your favourite pet, and having your best friend memories forever on canvas.
  • Imagine giving a gift of a custom oil painting to someone whom you love, to mark a special occasion.

For your commission painting simply

  • send a photo or a series of photos of the subject
  • specify the size of painting required
  • specify any colour requirements
  • specify timeline

Some of my Commissioned Paintings

“Let's start something creative”

 Gérard Maillé

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