Gilding Architectural and restoration


We specialise in gilding, which is the application of gold, using traditional European methods. We gild a wide range of surfaces – including metal surfaces such as iron, lead, copper, bronze and aluminium, and wooden and plaster surfaces.

Interior Gilding
Gold leaf can be applied to decorative cornices, ceiling centres, mouldings on walls and doors, arch surrounds, pilasters, pediments, antique furniture and picture frames.

Exterior Gilding
This includes gilding of architectural features such as grids, gates, railings, gables, lace effect and lamp posts.

In this way, treasures of the past can be restored to their original beauty, or new treasures can be created in more contemporary style contexts. Buildings of historical importance, including government buildings, can be restored to their former glory. Contemporary residences and commercial buildings can be transformed into elegant, prestigious interiors.

When required, repairs and restoration of damaged surfaces are carried out before the gilding process.
This would include antique furniture, ornamental objects and furniture, picture frames and mirrors.

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