Murals "Private and Commercial


Transform walls and fences

Murals, or paintings on walls, can be executed in any style, as permanent fixtures such as in cafés, restaurants, hotels, and private residences. Murals can also be executed on movable panels and then fixed to the wall, making them easily transferable to other venues. There is so much scope for mural decoration – it can transform vast, ordinary areas into lively, inviting places; or make small, dark spaces light and spacious. Gérard’s murals transform the uninteresting to the alive and enchanting. Murals in the Grand Manner can be executed for historically important houses.


“Trompe L’œil” (trick of the eye) is a form of illusionary art, designed to trick the viewer into believing that the painting is real. It can render a room more interesting by making it seem more spacious, and by incorporating elements of fantasy in the form of structural features and objects. Gérard finds that “Trompe L’œil” involves painting a scene so realistically that it looks like a natural, integral part of the area on which it is painted.

Gérard also offers an innovative style of painting, which he refers to as the “Window Effect”. This is his personal style of “Trompe L’œil” where the frame of the painting replicates a window frame and sill. The window view with three-dimensional effect allows the onlooker to “step out” into the scene of the painting. A vacant wall suddenly comes to life with a beautiful landscape or seascape view, bringing light and interest to a room. How more romantic and transporting than to look out your “Window Effect” on to your dreamscape.

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