Decorative Painting

DECORATIVE FINISHES - walls, ceilings and furniture - Rejuvenate your Decor and Furniture DECORATIVE FINISHES for walls, ceilings and furnitureRejuvenate your Decor and FurnitureCreate an entirely new decor for your home with your personalized wall and ceiling decorative finishes.Treat your treasured furniture to a new lease on life.Our special decorative finishes, including ¬†gilding and marbling, will add appeal and value and enable a favourite piece to fit into new decor.We develop a truly individual look for your home or commercial premises. The possibilities are endless.We incorporate a range of decorative finishes into our work including:GildingA touch of gold can give a sensational effect when incorporated into a decorative finish.StencilingReproduction of old designs and creation of new, custom made designs.MarblingReproduction of antique marble patterns and modern…

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