Murals “Trompe l’oeil”
The Lavender fields

Murals “Trompe l’oeil”

Murals "Private and Commercial Private residence The Lavender fields Mural on private residence Ipswich hospital Reflexion from ouside Animal portrait Animal portrait "La Cache a Vin" exterior mural MURALSTransform walls and fencesMurals, or paintings on walls, can be executed in any style, as permanent fixtures such as in cafés, restaurants, hotels, and private residences. Murals can also be executed on movable panels and then fixed to the wall, making them easily transferable to other venues. There is so much scope for mural decoration - it can transform vast, ordinary areas into lively, inviting places; or make small, dark spaces light and spacious. Gérard's murals transform the uninteresting to the alive and enchanting. Murals in the Grand Manner can be executed for historically important houses.TROMPE L’OEIL"Trompe…

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