Portrait Commission

portrait of children and pet framed

            When commissioned to do a portrait, I request good quality, clear photos of the subject, with close up details of facial features. Professional photos can produce a better total resemblance, which can impinge on the final result. I can work from a digital photo in high resolution or a professionally printed photo. All photos are returned at the end of the work.

Portraits are executed on museum quality supports: on linen, or on board. The mediums I use are high quality oil or acrylic.

How much does a commissioned portrait cost?

The cost of a commissioned portrait depends on the size of the portrait,  how many figures it includes, and the complexity of the background.

If a second figure is included, this will incur a further cost of 50%, and any additional figures will incur a further 30% each.

Complexities such as detailed background or complicated clothing patterns, objects, furniture and animals may be of extra cost, and will be included in the commission contract.

Example 1:

  • 1 figure, head and shoulders
  • 40cm x 61cm (16″x24″)
  • Simple background 
  • $3000 approx.

Example 2:

  • 1 figure 3/4 length
  • 61cm x 76cm (24″x30″)
  • Complex background
  • $7600 approx.

Example 3:

  • 1 figure +1 pet
  • 76cm x 102cm (30″x40″)
  • Complex background, intricate clothing pattern
  • $9800 approx.

How long will the portrait take?

The time it takes to complete a portrait depends on the number of figures, how detailed the background is, the size of the canvas, and the overall complexity of the work. Generally, a portrait can take from 6 to 12 weeks.

You will be provided with progress photos of your portrait throughout the work.


When your portrait is complete, I can assist you to choose an appropriate commercial frame, or design a custom made frame, which I make and assemble myself. The cost of framing is not included in the portrait fee.

A commissioned painting can be sent framed or unframed. It can also be rolled, then re-stretched by a professional framer. Packing, shipping and insurance are extra costs.

Payment Schedule

An initial payment of 30 %, plus travel expenses [if relevant], is required after the client’s approval of the layout proposal with initial sketches.  An additional 30% is required after viewing of the work in progress, approximately half way through. The final 40% is required upon completion of the portrait.

NOTE: A signed contract with a non-refundable deposit of 30% is required upon commissioning a portrait.

PORTRAIT FEES DO NOT INCLUDE: Framing, travel expenses incurred by the artist, shipping and insurance expenses.

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