• “Sunrise”, delivered to your door. 
  • (International shipping now available.) 
  • 24″ x 37″ framed oil painting
  • Original oil on canvas
  • Elegantly framed in a decorative frame
  • Designed with universal simplicity, ready to hang in any decor 
  • This painting is part of childhood memories on the Provincial South of France
  • Original works of art are accompanied by a signed Certificate of Authenticity

  This early morning scene is about greeting the new day after the darkness of the night. The light golden colour of the rising sun can be seen through the dark vegetation, representing night, at the bottom of the painting, and as our eyes rise higher in the sky we see a dark grey and orange swirled effect, where the dark sky is giving way to sunlight. The feeling is one of hope of coming out of difficulty.

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 95 × 62 × 4 cm


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