After Fishing

76cm (W) x 102cm (H) x 3.5cm (D)
Oil on Canvas

$ 2,600.00


Gerard Maille - Fine Art
This painting evokes memories of my childhood, when I often wandered along the wharves in my native town of Sѐte on the Mediterranean coast of France, admiring the fishing boats.
  • After Fishing”, delivered to your door. 

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  • 40″ x 30″ framed oil painting

  • Elegantly framed in a seamless matte  white frame

  • Designed with universal simplicity, ready to hang in any decor

  • This painting is part of childhood memories on the Mediterranean Coast of France

  • Original works of art are accompanied by a signed Certificate of Authenticity

It depicts a view from a window at sunset of three boats moored along an old wooden jetty, with a fisherman’s cabin in the background. The painting evokes a feeling of rest at the end of a day’s fishing.

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