About Commissions

Artist Gerard Maille
“I Love Creating Art that has a personal and meaningful connection for my clients.”

Commissioning a painting for yourself or someone dear to you carries a lot of emotion, as it takes you back in time to a special moment, a place or event, a person or perhaps a pet …  the painting visually represents something heartfelt, and each time you look at it, you remember that special time.

Are you wanting a unique custom painting?

An art piece that is meaningful, personal, and created just for you?

Imagine choosing a special landscape, a place that holds meaningful memories, and having it recreated on canvas to place in your home.

Imagine choosing a beautiful seascape that you photographed during an overseas trip and seeing it transformed into a painting to hang in your lounge.

Imagine creating the subject of still life with objects of special or sentimental value and having them turned into your own work of art.

Imagine choosing a photo of your favourite pet and having your best friend memories forever on canvas.

Imagine giving a gift of a custom oil painting to someone whom you love to mark a special occasion.

For your commission painting simply

  • Send a photo or a series of photos of the subject

  • Specify the size of painting required

  • Specify any colour requirements

  • Specify timeline


All paintings are stretched and framed with a floating frame, ready to be hanged.

Alternatively, canvases can be rolled and sent by post [ insurance included] for you to  organise the mounting of the canvas on stretchers and the framing of the painting (a picture framer can assist you in this project). This reduces the cost of packaging and delivery.

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