Mediterranean Village

113cm (W) x 90cm (H) x 3cm (D)
Oil on Panel

Gerard Maille
Village in Provence
The scene is one of a typical small village along the Mediterranean coast of France, seen from the window of a house perched high on a slope and looking down over the village, a creek running below. 

The houses are made of stone, with wooden shutters and sometimes boxes of flowers hanging from the windows. The village is carved into a rocky hill, with a view of the sea in the background.

The frame of the window has an aged finish, and open wooden shutters are framed on one side by a transparent curtain and on the other by an almond tree. A fly sits idly on the curtain. On the window sill sits a glass of wine, a small plate of black olives and a single chrysanthemum.

  • A signed Certificate of Authenticity accompanies original works of art.

  • This art work is certified as being recorded in the National Registry of Australian Art and Artists National Registration No: 000-41367-0160-01

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