Shores of Solitude

65cm (W) x 80cm (H) x 4cm (D)
Oil on Canvas

Gerard Maille
"Shores of Solitude" is a "Trompe L'oeil" depicting a serene, natural waterfront scene, viewed through a window.  A small, weathered wooden dock , surrounded by shrubs and tufts of grass, leads into calm water. The foreground reveals a narrow, sandy shore adorned with small rocks and pebbles, creating a sense of being immersed in the landscape.The focal point of the painting is a solitary red boat with a dark interior, peacefully moored in water. The varying shades of blue and green in the water suggest a shallow and clear environment, with delicate algae and aquatic vegetation visible near the surface. Shells sitting on the windowsill add depth to the view.The artwork captures the essence of peaceful seclusion and offers viewers the opportunity to escape into the tranquil beauty of nature.
  • 30″ x 24″ framed oil painting

  • Elegantly framed in a seamless matte white frame

  • Designed with universal simplicity, ready to hang in any decor

  • This painting is part of my childhood memories on the Mediterranean Coast of France

  • A signed Certificate of Authenticity accompanies original works of art

  • National Registry of Australian Art and Artists National Registration No: 000-41367-0136-01

The old wooden jetty has long existed and been witness to many departures to sea.

The painting evokes the loneliness of the solitary fisherman.

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